Bundle Holiday Promotions November 15-30

Give the gift of insight this holiday season with our exclusive astrology live charts. Choose from our tiered bundle deals and save more!

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🔮 Unlock the Mysteries of the Stars – Holiday Bundle Offers!

This festive season between November 15-30, bestow the power of astrological foresight with our specially curated live chart bundles. Elevate your experience by unlocking exclusive membership to Osher's Club. 

Bronze Bundle 

Buy 2 live charts, get 10% off.
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Silver Bundle 

Buy 3 live charts, get 15% off.
Buy Silver Bundle

Buy 4 crypto live charts, get 20% off and complimentary Osher's Club membership INVITATION to purchase 

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Platinum Bundle 🌟

Buy 5 live-charts, get 25% off and complimentary Osher's Club membership.

Bonus Value = 444EUR

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Diamond Bundle 💎

Buy 6 live charts, save 25% and unlock Osher's Club membership + Module 1+2 course 

(Bonus Value: 444+89+149= 682EUR)

Buy Diamond Bundle

1. Bronze Bundle: Buy 2 live charts for €592, no membership included. This is your base offer.

2. Silver Bundle: Buy 3 live charts for €888 (€296 each), and receive a 10% discount. No Osher’s Club membership included at this tier either, but the discount starts to kick in.

3. Gold Bundle: Buy 4 live charts (combination of Crypto, Oil, Gold, SPX) for €1184 and get a 20% discount and get invitation to purchase separately Osher's club ticket 

4. Platinum Bundle: Buy 5 live charts for €1480, apply a 25% discount, and include the Osher’s Club membership for free (Gift Value 444EUR) 

5. Diamond Bundle: Introduce a new top-tier bundle, where buying 6 or 7 live charts at full price grants a 25% discount, and include the Osher’s Club membership for free (Gift Value 444EUR) + Free Access to Module 1&2 of "Astro Finance Course" (Gift value 238EUR) which are in total Gift value of 682EUR 


Limited Time Offer: Double Your Insights!
(Buy 1 chart, Get 1 FREE)


Buy a live chart during the promotion, get an additional chart of the same index in January 2024.  This extra chart provides a forecast until June 2024, showing a 6-month ahead vision.

Act fast - this exclusive offer expires after November 30th! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Live charts / bundle?

You can purchase bundles by visiting our crypto bundle page or add-to-cart separately more live chart that suits your needs and follow the checkout process (Discount will apply automatically)

What is Osher's Club and how can I join?

Osher's Club is an exclusive membership for premium content. You can join by purchasing at least 5 live-charts or through purchase one time Osher's club ticket value of 444EUR applicable after four months of the highest tier Patreon subscription.

Are there any special offers for new customers?

Yes, new customers can enjoy a special discount on their first purchase during November promotions.