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Personal consultation sessions provide an in-depth analysis of your natal chart based on your birth date, time and place.

The session takes 90 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on your preference.

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your future?

Make a move towards self-enlightenment and schedule a astrology natal chart reading with me!

Get insight into the major energies at play in your life and understand yourself better. Connect the dots of your destiny and find clarity.

Take the plunge and book your one-on-one natal chart reading now!


(Session online via "zoom")


During the session, Osher will interpret the unique positions and movements of the planets when you were born and answer any questions you have.

Osher will explain relevant astrological influences which can help you better understand yourself, your life, and the areas you wish to focus on.

This can offer insightful guidance to help you with important decisions and find balance in the present.

Personal consultation sessions are a great way to gain a better understanding of yourself and how astrology can assist in navigating life's journey.

During session I explain and guide to use more of your potential through analysing your chart (tropical astrology), I could help you to determine ideal times to open business, start a partnership, buy/sell house in order to get aligned with divine timing.  

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