Ledger under Fire, Jupiter-Pluto Square: surprise?

Ledger under Fire, Jupiter-Pluto Square: surprise?

Written by Osher, astrologer and developer of the Astro finance method.

Today, I am here to share some insights about the recent developments at Ledger, their alignment with the current celestial movements, and what it might mean for the world of cryptocurrencies and personal security.

On the same day Jupiter ingressed into Taurus, Ledger - the well-known provider of crypto wallet solutions - announced a new product, Ledger Recover. This service is designed to help crypto users securely back up their Secret Recovery Phrase. The system works by encrypting the private key, splitting it into three pieces, and storing each one with a different partner. The user can access their backup by verifying their identity and providing two out of three shards. Ledger's goal with this new feature is to enhance the onboarding experience and security for those who feel less comfortable with self-custody.

Interestingly, this announcement came at a time when the celestial bodies were aligning in a unique configuration. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moving into Taurus, the sign of stability and material possessions, squares Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of technological innovation and disruption. This alignment signifies a shift towards interconnectivity and transparency across all aspects of life, including the management and storage of cryptocurrencies.

After a year and a half of eclipses in Taurus, we have observed a general loss of trust and security in conventional markets and governmental institutions. It's a period where even entities like Ledger are not immune to concerns about security. The unveiling of Ledger Recover may be seen as a step towards greater interconnectivity and transparency, but it also signals a violation of a core tenet of cryptocurrency: the principle of self-sovereignty.

From a personal perspective, the safest method to store your crypto is in your memory. However, if memory fails, the next best approach might be to diversify your storage methods. Relying solely on a physical wallet like Ledger or Trezor might be risky. It could be more prudent to have multiple wallets - some in cold storage, some in hot wallets, and others in physical form. Distributing your crypto assets across various platforms could potentially provide a more robust security framework.

Looking ahead, the celestial bodies have more to tell us. By 2026, Jupiter in Leo will oppose Pluto in Aquarius. This opposition will occur when Venus is retrograde during the summer of 2023. Given this, we can anticipate significant changes in centralized entities, including banks and large corporations that store our data. This shift may result in a push towards further decentralization, prompting us to rethink how we manage and protect our digital assets.

As we navigate through these exciting times, it's crucial to be prepared and proactive. In this regard, I invite you to explore my live chart where I use the Astro finance method to predict market 


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