AstroLive Market Insights & Forecasts Up to Six Months Ahead

Find guidance in Osher's AstroLive Charts for glimpses of the future.

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Osher AstroLive charts are an essential tool for navigating market trends with astrological insights.

Each live chart has a fixed expiration date—April 30, August 30, or December 31regardless of the purchase date.
This ensures you always have access to the most current insights.

Live Charts Update Schedule

Date Forecast Period
January 1st Provides forecasts up until the end of June
May 1st Extends predictions until November
September 1st Covers up until March of the following year


    Each chart provides a six-month lookahead, offering a fresh perspective on potential market movements.

    Please note, the price remains the same regardless of when you purchase within the chart's active period. If you buy a live chart within 20 days of its expiration, don't worry—you'll automatically receive the next chart upon its release, giving you a full six months of updated astrological forecasts.

    Live Charts: Your Window to Market Futures

    Unlock market insights with Osher's Live Charts – astrological expertise meets analysis.

     Quick Facts About Live Charts

    ✅  Forecast Duration: Each chart forecasts market trends for six months from publication.

    👉🏻 Expiry Dates: Charts expire every on April 30, August 31, December 31 (regardless date of purchase). 

    ✅  New Releases: Fresh charts launch on: January 1st, May 1st, September 1st.

    ⇢  Indices Covered: Oil, Gold, S&P500, Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, XRP.

    ✨ Current Price: 397EUR



    Why to choose Osher's Live Charts?

    1. Unique insights at your fingertips.
    2. Real-time updates ensuring the latest market movements.
    3. Accessible on any device via the TradingView app.

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    Understanding Osher's AstroLive Charts:

    1. Chart Expiry & New Chart Access: 
    All live charts will expire: April 30, August 31, December 31 (regardless date of purchase) showing forecasts Six months ahead from date of publish.

    To continue following the market's trajectory, consider accessing the new live chart. 

    2. Chart Accessibility 24/7:
    Live charts are dynamic and updated in real-time. Regularly checking for changes and updates is crucial for staying informed.

    3. Nature of Astrological Predictions:
    Astrology, akin to meteorology, is not an exact science. It involves interpreting various psychological and collective consciousness indicators, leading to potential adjustments in forecasts.

    4. Understanding Astro Finance Method:
    It's important to use live charts alongside your own analysis, exploring potential market movements with an approximately 80% likelihood.


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