Track recent market astro-forecast and updates


Get access to Osher’s “tradingview” platform and enjoy from superior indictor to plan until 6 months ahead. 

Access to Live charts reflects main source to most of osher’s predictions related to geopolitics and world situation. 

Live charts grants 24/7 access. 

Osher created a “general line“ to illustrate future price structure followed by astrology (astro-finance method)  

✹ Each live charts will expire after 4 months by following dates:

  • December 31st
  • April 30th
  • August 31st


ൽ For example:

    1. If joined live chart February 30th,
      Despite live chart will expire access by April 30th (same price) still able to see the "astro- forecast" until June (because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published January 1st) 

    2. You joined live chart May 5th:
      Despite all live chart will expire August 31st (same price). still able to see the "astro-forecast" until November (because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published May 1st) 

    3. You joined live chart October 20: 
      Despite all live charts will expire December 31st (same price). still able to see the "astro forecast" until following March 
       (because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published September 1st) 


* Only if joined to live charts in APRIL, AUGUST or DECEMBER :
Because are same month of expiry. (see exact dates above) 

A new access (4 month access) will be sent to you by following month (with fresh forecast of 6 month ahead)