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OnDemand Exclusive Forecast

Discover the future of your chosen asset with Osher's OnDemand Forecast Service, providing personalized six-month forecasts based on the innovative astro-finance method.

This service stands apart from Osher's Live Charts, offering a unique, in-depth analysis tailored to your needs.

Osher meticulously crafts each OnDemand forecast by integrating astrological insights with technical market analysis, using at least one year of the asset's historical data for precision.

Unlike the dynamic Live Charts on Osher's TradingView, the OnDemand service delivers a static PDF forecast, projecting six months into the future from the purchase date, serving as a reliable guide for your trading journey.

✸✸✸ Please note that the typical turnaround time for delivery is around 14 business days, and in some instances, it could extend up to three weeks✸✸✸
This duration allows for the necessary depth of investigation, contemplation, and the garnering of inspiration to ensure the quality and accuracy of your forecast.


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👉🏻 Important: The OnDemand Forecast is an analytical tool and NOT financial advice. It aims to enhance your decision-making process, not replace it, by providing a broader perspective on potential market movements.


By choosing OnDemand, you gain a strategic advantage with a forecast uniquely tailored to the asset of your choice, complete with a one-month guarantee for up to three updates to ensure alignment with the market's initial direction.

Subsequent updates are available at a nominal fee of 50EUR maintaining the forecast's relevance.


Enhance your market strategy with a personalized forecast. Don't miss this opportunity to align your investments with the cosmos – order your OnDemand forecast now and navigate the markets with astrological foresight.


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