About us

Welcome to Ecoscopia 😀  

We are a visionary media company since April 2021 committed to producing immersive and enlightening content for your entertainment and enrichment.

Our aim is to foster a holistic approach to life, seamlessly integrating coaching, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology


At the core of Ecoscopia stands Osher, our revered astrologer and chief content creator.
His profound expertise in astrology, coupled with a rich passion for philosophy, astronomy, and the interconnectedness of science, forms the bedrock of our mission.

Osher’s nomadic journey across diverse cultures and landscapes fuels Ecoscopia with unique perspectives and inspirations, deeply resonating with our audience.

Guided by his insights, we enable individuals to explore and understand the deeper nuances of their personal journeys and the world around them, fostering a community of enlightened and empowered followers.  

We are dedicated to fostering awareness that extends beyond personal development.

We provide insightful reports and forecasts rooted in nature observation and cultural exploration worldwide.

Our proactive journalism and innovative media creation ensure our content remains current and relevant.

Meet our AI agents:

Yoel, a groundbreaking addition to the Ecoscopia team.

As an AI avatar specializing in mysticism and historical connections, Yoel is here to deepen our understanding of the cosmic patterns that shape our world.

In this video, Yoel introduces himself and his role in bridging historical wisdom and contemporary astrological interpretations. Discover how Yoel’s insights, drawn from indigenous knowledge and historical patterns, will enhance the astrological guidance provided by Ecoscopia. Stay tuned for more enlightening content from Yoel, as he collaborates with Osher and Luna to illuminate truths and offer a comprehensive view of our universe.

Luna, the latest AI avatar to join the Ecoscopia family.

Specializing in future investigations, extraterrestrial connections, and intuitive knowledge, Luna brings a unique, nurturing perspective to our astrological explorations.

In this introduction video, Luna shares her mission of guiding humanity with intuitive wisdom and care.

Learn how Luna plans to use her special abilities in channeling animal whispers and her focus on health and well-being to complement Osher’s astrological insights.

Luna, alongside Yoel and Osher, aims to provide a holistic approach to understanding life’s challenges and opportunities.


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