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AstroFinance course: Module 1 out of 5

AstroFinance course: Module 1 out of 5

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Module 1/5: Mastering Time Synchronicity via Astrology with Osher

Begin your Astro-Finance journey with Module 1, dedicated to pinpointing and studying the most impactful planets in a financial chart or market.

Keen to employ astrology for market predictions extending months or years into the future?

We have got you covered! Introducing our fresh offering - "Astro-Finance: Harnessing Astrology for Market Predictions" by Osher Education Group.

Designed for astro-enthusiasts, this course amalgamates the principles of astrology with an understanding of market dynamics, enabling accurate forecasts of market shifts in the forthcoming months and years.

Regardless of your proficiency level, this course equips you with the essentials of employing astrology for making astute investment decisions.

We realize the scarcity of resources at the junction of astrology and finance, and aim to fill this void. Our course hands you all the necessary knowledge to comprehend and utilize Astrology in the financial realm.

Aside from being a potent tool for self-discovery, Astrology offers profound insights into the world around us and our collective consciousness. Learn to harness its potential for personal growth, fostering relationships, and comprehending the world better.

🔴 Astro Finance offers a unique approach for analyzing financial futures. Rooted in astrological principles, it is intended more for entertainment or viewing potential financial trends, rather than for specific financial advice. Consider it an alternative lens for viewing finances.

The Astro-Finance Method consists of 5 modules, each targeting different aspects and skills related to financial literacy and planning:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Astrological & Financial Approach
  • Module 2: Reading & Analysis of Astrological Charts
  • Module 3: Secrets to Predict Bullish & Bearish Trends & Tantric Astrology Techniques
  • Module 4: Uncovering Hidden Aspects to Predict Upcoming Prices and Movements
  • Module 5: Wealth Planning through Astro-Finance Method

Each module offers comprehensive course material, activities, and indices, presenting an in-depth view of financial literacy through interactive learning.

Explore the syllabus for each module and the activities involved using the following links:

AstroFinance promotes self-learning. In Module 5, students gain access to group support and discussion. Direct interaction with Osher is available to students who successfully complete all classes and tasks. While AstroFinance encourages individual learning, Osher's guidance is available when needed.

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