Jupiter's Dance in Taurus: Decoding Global Economic and Geopolitical Shifts from 2011 to 2023

Jupiter's Dance in Taurus: Decoding Global Economic and Geopolitical Shifts from 2011 to 2023

By Osher astrologer developer of the innovative Astro-Finance method,

In astrology, the ingress of a planet, in this case, Jupiter, into a different sign (Taurus) is considered significant. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and good fortune, while Taurus is a sign associated with practicality, material possessions, and stability. Therefore, when Jupiter transits into Taurus, we might expect themes of steady growth and expansion in material and practical matters. 

To fully appreciate the implications of this cosmic event, let's revisit 2011, a critical year in the history of digital currencies.

Back then, Bitcoin, now a major force in the global financial landscape, was traded for just a few dollars.


In this article, I will explore the parallel realities of 2023 in relation to the last Jupiter-Taurus ingress in 2011. We will dive into the remarkable evolution in technology, AI, and Bitcoin's trajectory, while also discussing the challenges of hyperinflation and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

In particular, we will examine the geopolitical progression between the USA and China, two superpowers whose relationship is increasingly defining global politics and economics. By comparing these events and trends, we can glean valuable insights into the astrological themes and energies shaping our current reality.

Jupiter has a cycle of approximately 12 years, so these ingress events are significant markers in the grand tapestry of global transformation.


In 2011, when Jupiter was last in Taurus, we saw the steady growth of various technologies and social media platforms which have now become integral to our everyday lives. Bitcoin, in its early stages during that time, has seen an expansion in its usage and value.

Comparing this to 2023, when Jupiter is presumably entering Taurus again, we might anticipate similar themes.

Given the updates you provided, one could interpret the Jupiter-Taurus ingress as follows:

    1. Technology and AI: The continuous evolution of technology and AI that you've described is in alignment with Jupiter's expansive energy. As Jupiter moves into Taurus, we might see more practical, grounded applications of AI and tech, with a focus on enhancing security, stability, and tangible benefits.

    2. Bitcoin: The price of Bitcoin around 28k could indicate a phase of stability, although the fluctuation in cryptocurrency markets is subject to many other factors. Jupiter's influence could lead to the exploration of more pragmatic applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, especially in areas that enhance material security and financial systems.

    3. Hyperinflation: This could be a manifestation of Jupiter's expansive nature applied to economic conditions, but not in a positive way. Taurus's influence might prompt a more pragmatic and stable approach to dealing with this issue in the coming months.

    4. Russia-Ukraine War: The conflict might be impacted by the transit as well, potentially leading to tangible (Taurus) efforts to expand (Jupiter) peace and reconciliation processes

    5. Trade War Evolution: USA and China:  In 2011, the seeds of what would evolve into a protracted trade war between these two superpowers were being sown. The USA, under the Obama administration, was attempting to rebalance its economic relationship with China, seeking to address issues related to intellectual property theft and trade deficits. China, on the other hand, was steadily expanding its global influence, both economically and politically.

      Fast forward to 2023, the trade tensions between the USA and China have escalated significantly. The impact of this ongoing conflict has been felt globally, affecting international trade relations, global supply chains, and financial markets.

      As Jupiter enters Taurus, we could potentially see a shift in the dynamics of this trade war. Could also indicate a phase where both nations might seek more practical and constructive approaches to their trade relations most likely to be related to digital and AI control.


As we gaze into the celestial tapestry, it's important to remember that the planets' dance doesn't stop with Jupiter.

Uranus, the planet of radical change and innovation, is also making its journey through Taurus. When these two celestial giants meet at 22º in 2024, we can expect an exponential evolution in technology and possibilities for trade, human connection, and diplomatic relationships.

The impending Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could signal a time when satellites and the internet reach every corner of the globe, opening up new avenues for connection and understanding. With the advent of new devices and technologies, the limits we've known so far could dissolve, making way for unprecedented possibilities.

As we navigate these transformative times, it's crucial to harness the practical, earthy energy of Taurus, coupled with the expansive optimism of Jupiter and the innovative spark of Uranus. Now is the time to take calculated risks, follow your heart, and seek a life that aligns with your highest values and desires.

As we continue to unravel the cosmic influences shaping our world, I invite you to stay engaged, stay curious, and most importantly, stay open to the infinite potential that this celestial symphony heralds. The universe is calling us to rise to the occasion, to embrace change, and to be active participants in this grand cosmic dance.

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