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This 45 minute natal chart reading session is designed to update the client on their progress since their original 90 minute session.

During this session we will focus on understanding the astrological influences since their last completed reading, and any additional questions that have arisen as a result.

We will begin by revisiting the information initially discussed during the original session, allowing time for the astrologer to reacquaint themselves with the client's situation. This can include an overview of the main placements in the client's birth chart and the overarching themes that may have presented themselves.

We will then move on to the subject of transits and progressions, allowing time for the astrologer to explain the effects of the major transiting planets and how they are currently influencing the client's life.

We will focus on how to best navigate the current influences in order to maximize the benefit they may bring, and how best to work with any challenging situations that may be.  


(Session online via "zoom")

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