Saturn & Uranus Geopolitics & Science Cycle 2022-2032 | Impact on Tech, Governments & Beliefs

Saturn & Uranus Geopolitics & Science Cycle 2022-2032 | Impact on Tech, Governments & Beliefs


Greetings, dear readers! Today , I, Osher, your astrologer and developer of the Astro Finance method, am here to share with you an intriguing journey into the next 10 years, until the year 2032. By exploring the cycles of Uranus and Saturn, we can gain valuable insights and make predictions about what lies ahead.


Understanding Uranus and Saturn Cycles

Let's begin by understanding the significance of these celestial cycles. Uranus represents change, innovation, and disruption, while Saturn symbolizes structure, discipline, and long-term planning. When these two planets interact, their dance sets the stage for significant shifts and transformations on a global scale.

The Initiating Cycle: 1988 and the Rise of Globalism

Looking back to the year 1988, we find the initiation of a cycle between Uranus and Saturn. This cycle was focused on globalism and centralism, bringing forth revolutionary technological advancements and societal changes. We witnessed the birth of the internet, social media platforms, and the rise of globalization.

The Current Square Aspect: Addressing Challenges and Tensions (2021-2022)

As we fast-forward to the present, we find ourselves in the midst of the current square aspect between Uranus and Saturn, which began in 2021 and will continue until 2022. This square represents a critical juncture, urging us to address the challenges and tensions that have emerged. It is a time of crisis, forcing us to confront the flaws and limitations of existing systems.

The Coming Crisis: Saturn-Uranus Semi-Square (2027)

However, this is not the end of the story. In 2027, we can expect another major crisis as Saturn and Uranus form a semi-square, creating a 45-degree angle between them. This crisis will act as a catalyst for cleansing and rectifying the unresolved issues that have persisted over the past four decades.

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The Climax of the Cycle: Saturn-Uranus Conjunction in Gemini (2032)

The climax of this entire cycle will occur in 2032, when Saturn and Uranus meet once again, this time in Gemini. This meeting signifies a profound shift towards decentralization and a reconfiguration of power structures. The emphasis will be on connecting people and utilizing technology to empower individuals and communities.


Embracing Change and Collaboration

Throughout this journey, we must remain vigilant and adaptable. The merging of technology and society will present us with unique challenges and opportunities. Companies and individuals will need to collaborate and unify their efforts to achieve their goals. Cooperation will be the key to success in this new era.


Reflecting on History for Future Insights

As we approach this transformative period, it is essential to keep an eye on the signs and developments unfolding around us.


Navigating the Promising and Uncertain Future

The next decade holds great promise and potential, but it also carries its share of uncertainties. As we move forward, we must remember that change is inevitable, and it is how we navigate these changes that truly matters. By embracing the wisdom of astrology and staying attuned to the cycles of Uranus and Saturn, we can chart a course that aligns with the cosmic flow.

Join the Journey: Astrology and Finance Unite

I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey as we explore the intersections of astrology and finance, uncovering hidden patterns and guiding principles.
Together, let's navigate the next 10 years with confidence and grace.

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With warmest regards, Osher, Astrologer and Developer of the Astro Finance Method


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