Important Update: Changes to Osher's Club Membership

Dear Valued Members and Prospective Joiners,

We're excited to share some significant updates regarding the membership structure of Osher's Club, formerly known as the Core Community. These changes reflect our ongoing commitment to enhancing the value and exclusivity of our club.

Transition from Core Community to Osher's Club:

- Osher's Club, previously our "Core Community", has evolved. It's now aplatform for high-rated members, particularly those active in the highest tier of our Patreon community.

• Current members of Osher’s Club are those who have demonstrated loyalty and engagement for over two years. This dedication and commitment have helped shape the community into what it is today.

Unlimited Access with Considerations:

• We shift to “unlimited access” replaces the previous six-month membership cycle. This change means that your access does not have a set expiration date.

• However, it’s important to note that this unlimited access is contingent upon the ongoing operation of Osher’s Club.
Should there be any unforeseen changes, such as retirement or external factors, Osher / We will notify members with adequate notice.

• While Osher strive to provide continuous service, please understand that “unlimited” refers to the club’s ability to operate without unforeseen interruptions.

Membership Participation via Crypto:
• In line with our commitment to embracing modern technology and financial innovation, participation in Osher’s Club is exclusively via cryptocurrency transactions. This approach aligns with our philosophy of forward-thinking and adaptability in the digital age.

Your Role in Osher’s Club:
• As members, your feedback, participation, and insights are crucial. While we offer a platform for advanced financial understanding and astrological insights, your contributions enrich the community experience.

Looking Forward:
• We are excited about this new chapter for Osher’s Club and are deeply grateful for your continued support and engagement.

Together, we look forward to further exploring the dynamic world of astro finance.

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