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Astrological Insights on the US Election 2024: Profound Changes and Leadership Shifts

Astrological Insights on the US Election 2024: Profound Changes and Leadership Shifts

Astrological Insights on the US Election 2024: Profound Changes and Leadership Shifts

As we approach the US election on November 5th, 2024, significant astrological alignments are set to influence the outcome and the nation's future. Osher, our expert astrologer, delves into these cosmic events to provide insights into what we can expect during this pivotal time.

👉🏻 Pluto at 29 Degrees Capricorn

Pluto's critical position at 29 degrees Capricorn marks a period of profound change and shifts in government control, a trend that has been unfolding since 2008. This alignment signals the end of a cycle and the beginning of transformative processes within the US government and society.

👉🏻 Mars Opposing Pluto

The astrological configuration during the election indicates a time of intense energy, with Mars opposing Pluto in Scorpio. This suggests potential for aggression, conflict, and significant transformations within the United States. The intensity of this alignment could lead to dramatic changes and upheavals.

👉🏻 Chiron and Pluto Returns in the US Chart

The US's astrological chart shows a Chiron return and a Pluto return, both of which signify periods of healing and transformation. These returns could lead to internal strife or significant external events that drive the nation towards a new path. It's a time for the US to confront its wounds and seek renewal.

👉🏻 Joe Biden’s Astrological Forecast

Joe Biden’s astrological forecast suggests that this election could mark a peak or conclusion in his career. Challenging alignments indicate it might be time for him to step back, as the cosmic energies push for change and new leadership.


👉🏻 Donald Trump’s Astrological Forecast

Donald Trump's chart shows favorable alignments for leadership and transformative changes. These indications suggest he could play a significant role in reshaping the US's future and geopolitical stance, potentially stepping back into a position of influence.



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